DV Report

DV REPORT – special software with ready-to-use presentations on the automotive market

National Industrial Information Agency offers a unique product:
DV Report 
– a software facilitator for marketing departments that allows the team to shift the focus
from the routine to strategy development.

Whatever the market situation is, it is clearly indispensable to navigate across information oceans and
apply the data efficiently.

DV Report – special software with ready-to-use PowerPoint and PDF presentations.
DV Report solves the major problem: it cuts the data analysis time.
DV Report allows you to:

  • get a ready-to-use presentation or make a new one with just a few clicks;
  • compare vehicle sales;
  • get a report as soon as the data are updated – 19 days after the reporting period is over;
  • get presentations in two languages: Russian and English;
  • get online access to the software;
  • trace correlation between sales and the macroeconomic situation;
  • analyze the data all over Russia as well as in regions.

DV Report streamlines your marketing operations.
DV Report analyzes new and used vehicle sales by year of manufacture, brands, models, bod types, price segments, engine type and displacement etc.
DV Report – an efficient tool to analyze sales in combination with the macroeconomic factors affecting the automotive market.

Coming: dealer networks, import/export, vehicle prices, Kazakhstan market

  • Data update             – 19 days after the reporting period is over
  • Format                     – ppt, pdf with the client’s logo
  • Language                 – Russian, English
  • Access                    – up to 4 seats
  • Extra service            – presentation archive is available 24/7 on the Internet server.

DV Report – fast, easy, practical!

DV Report

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