Macroeconomic indicators in the CIS countries and Georgia

makroekonomika_enRussian Automotive Market Research presents a report-to-order:
Macroeconomic indicators in the CIS countries and Georgia.  

Macroeconomic indicators reflect the current state of the national economy. The macroeconomic data report is of interest at any time as it allows the company to keep abreast with the market conditions and adjust its strategy in the country as well as the regional strategy, come up with a short- and mid-term sales forecast.

Benefits of the report:

– The report covers:

Azerbaijan                  Armenia                      Belarus                       Georgia
Kazakhstan                Kirgizia                        Moldova                     Tajikistan
Turkmenistan             Uzbekistan                 Ukraine

– Key indicators are collected in one report;



  • GDP
  • Brent oil price, USD/bbl
  • National currency/US dollar exchange rate
  • National currency/Euro exchange rate
  • Fixed capital investment
  • Export, mln USD
  • Import, mln USD
  • Industrial production volume
  • Construction work volume
  • Agricultural produce
  • Mining production volume
  • Average nominal monthly wages per employee
  • Number of the unemployed
  • Real disposable income
  • Haulage
  • Passenger transportation
  • Retail trade turnover
  • Services purchased by the public sector
  • National revenues
  • National expenditure
  • National budget surplus/deficit

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