Investment climate in Russian regions

Инвест климат_engNational Industrial Information Agency presents a new research
«Investment climate in Russian regions»

The report is based on the analysis of factors affecting the investment climate in a region.

A country’s or a region’s investment climate is often analyzed with some abstract investor in mind.  While different categories of investors need a different approach and individual assessment of the investment climate.

What makes the report of Russian Automotive Market Research unique is a possibility to tailor it to the needs of a concrete investor: add various parameters, apply different methods to estimate attractiveness of the region in terms of investment and risks.

If you consider setting up production, choosing a warehouse, a trade mission, a service center, to choose the region that meets your requirements you need information about tax incentives, logistics, production facilities available in the region.

Regional comparative analysis allows you to understand if it makes practical sense to locate production facilities, a warehouse, a trade mission, a service center in a particular region.

We provide consultancy to foreign investors that consider entering the Russian market.

Report structure:

  • Region
  • Requirements for investors
  • Tax incentives
  • Tax incentives expiry
  • Infrastructural potential
  • Logistics
  • Investments
  • Investment potential

Format: Word, PDF