Industry comparative analysis: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

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The Russian Federation, The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus are the most favourable post-soviet countries in terms of industry development and investment. The economies of the three countries are interdependent.

The Comparative analysis of the key industries in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan allows you to estimate industrial development prospects, key market players’ activities, business opportunities in the three countries.

The reports are based on the regular updates from the key industries.

The reports provide valuable information to the companies that want to revise their strategy and adjust it to the changing market as well as diversify business and enter new markets.


  • Oil industry
  • Gas industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Agriculture
  • Ferrous industry
  • Non-ferrous metals industry
  • Telecommunication

Report structure

  • Factors affecting industry development: legislation, taxation, macroeconomics)
  • Government regulation
  • Production data
  • Market data
  • Import prospects
  • Export potential of local manufacturers
  • Key players: company profiles, results
  • M&A
  • Threats and challenges in the industry
  • Opportunities in the industry

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